Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2022)

Poster Presentations

Access E-Poster Platform


Although the AERC2022 is an on-site event, posters communications will have an innovative electronic format to avoid overcrowding. Thus, printed posters or photographs of printed posters will NOT be accepted

Each e-poster will consist of three elements: A digital poster, a short video and the abstract already submitted by the authors.

  • Information for poster presenters:
  • Registration: They must be registered on the congress website (
  • Poster submission: Authors must upload 2 out of the 3 elements:
    • The PDF, TIFF or PPTX digital poster (in portrait format, 140 cm high by 90 cm wide).
    • The short video (up to 3 min), where the presenter appears on camera briefly discussing the poster. Please choose a location that has a neutral background and use adequate lighting to make sure the presenter can be clearly seen.

For the design of the poster, take into account the following characteristics of the poster platform: (i) Each e-poster will be assigned a frame in which the poster will be placed together with the corresponding video and summary; (ii)  A zoom tool will be available to view the poster:



The posters have been classified using the same categories as the symposia defined for oral contributions. Authors must decide if the pre-assigned category is the most appropriate for their contribution. Otherwise, the speaker must contact the technical secretariat for the reassignment of the poster.

The 11 categories available are as follows:

  • Emulsions, Foams and Interfacial Rheology (EI)
  • Suspensions (SP)
  • Experimental Methods and New Advances in Rheometry (EM)
  • Food Rheology (FR)
  • Industrial Rheology and Processing (IP)
  • Bio-rheology and Medicine (BM) 
  • Micro-, Nanofluidics and Microrheology (MN)
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and Computational Rheology (NF)
  • Gels and Self Assembling Structures (GS)
  • Polymer Solutions and Melts (SM)
  • Solids, Glasses and Composites (SG)
  • Information for poster viewers

The online platform for viewing posters and videos will be available to all conference registrants prior to the AERC2022 (early April) and until the end of the conference.

In addition, during the conference, there will be two interactive access points for displaying posters, which will be conveniently located in the Convention Center (Hotel Meliá Sevilla).

Viewers will be able to use different tools available on the poster platform (screen zoom, video playback, email popup window). A poster viewing user manual will be available soon.


If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to: